Mawapres Universitas Trunojoyo Madura 2016 dari Fakultas Teknik

Yes!!, Alhamdulillah Mawapres UTM tahun ini diraih fakultas teknik dan akan mewakili UTM di Mawapres Nasional untuk jenjang Sarjana!

Mawapres Universitas Trunojoyo Madura 2016 dari Fakultas Teknik

Mawapres Utama Universitas Trunojoyo Madura 2016 di dapatkan oleh Mahsiswa Fakultas Teknik Prodi Teknik Informatika yaitu Huzaini Angkatan 2013. Sebelumnya dia menyabet juara 2 di fakultas Teknik. Berikut merupakan overview dari Ide yang Huzaini tulis dalam videonya

" Suramadu has brought a positive impact for UKM batik Madura. Before suramadu exists Batik Madura was less known but after 2009, everything changed. According to the results of interviews that have been conducted with Warsih (2016) the Presence of Suramadu makes batik Madura production gets increased and get doubled profit up to 400% which was originally only 50% per month. Of which normally only sold about 50 pieces batik, now can be up to 1000 pieces of batik per month. This sharp increase was also felt by some UKM batik Madura in Bangkalan. But unfortunately as the time goes by, Suramdu doesn’t only bring positive impact, but negative impact as well. The level of competition for UKM batik Madura is getting higher and even harder that causes not all UKM batik in Madura gets optimal increased in their production (Warsih, 2016). "

Dan berikut ini apa yang dikatan Huziani tentang terpilihnya ia menjadi Mawapres Utama UTM 2016

" I have never imagined to be the first winner of MAWAPRES 2016 at my campus and have to continue to represent my campus for the national one. It's such a blessing for me to be able to get this awesome chance, seriously!. At faculty level of MAWAPRES 2016 I only got the second winner and I thought "I think I must be better at campus selection or stop dreaming for the impossible thing to reach" . And I choose to try my best one more time. I want to thank God for this awesome , superb and great chance. For my parents who always pray for me in every single minute. My friend who always supports me and wait for "traktiran" lol. "

Mohon dukungannya untuk teman-teman fakultas teknik dengan menonton, membagikan serta melike video berikut.

Berikut adalah videonya

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